Do you use a flat sheet, duvet cover, both, or neither?

No matter what you like, we have you covered!

Why use a flat sheet and/or duvet cover? 

Additional layers make laundry easier.


A flat sheet is easier to remove and launder than a duvet cover.

A duvet cover is easier and more cost effective to launder than a comforter. Many comforters or heavy blankets won't fit in regular size home washing machines, so you have the inconvenience and cost of having to launder your comforters or heavy blankets at a laundromat or cleaner. One Bed duvet covers are made with the same high-quality, 100% long staple cotton fabric, large buttons, and corner ties to keep your comforter/duvet secured.

An additional benefit of a flat sheet is you can use it as a light covering, especially if you sleep in a warm environment. 

However, regular old flat sheets can tangle more easily. If you have this problem, try our Luxe Easy On Flat Sheet or Luxe & Lazy Flat Sheet (choose Easy On Flat Sheet option). The One Bed Luxe Easy On Flat Sheet has semi-fitted corners on the base of the bed, so you simply align the corners on the bottom of the bed, rather than the hassle of straightening. The semi-fitted corners also help prevent gnarly sheet tangling - such a pain!

We recommend any pieces touching your skin preferably once a week, or once every other week if you are time strapped.

Thus, if you use a flat sheet, you only need to wash your flat sheet every 1-2 weeks. If you don't use a flat sheet, but use a duvet cover, you need to remove your duvet cover for washing every 1-2 weeks.

If you use neither, then you should be washing your comforter or blankets every 1-2 weeks.

Any pieces you aren't in contact with can be washed every 1-3 months (or potentially less frequently if they are well protected).

There are different ways around people make their beds, so there's no one correct way. For example, flat sheets are common in the US, but generally not used in Europe and many other parts of the world. In Scandinavia, couples will actually use 2 separate sets of comforters/blankets, avoiding the infamous nightly battle for sheets! You can also more easily customize your level of warmth. Forget burning up while your partner freezes (or visa versa)!

If want all the sheets you need on top of your bed, made easier, a One Bed Complete Set is your best value - up to 29% off purchasing separately! We make it easy to choose exactly what you want and need. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help answer any questions or provide a personalized recommendation.

We are dedicated to bringing innovative, i.e. BETTER, ways to make your bed, so please stay tuned for more ways to solve your most common bed problems!


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