To Top Sheet or Not Top Sheet, That is the Question

There some truly important questions in life. Whether to use a top sheet or not to use a top sheet is one of them. BTW, One Bed Lazy Sheets remove the worst parts of a flat sheet, or you can choose a One Bed Simple Set.

But we digress...

The debate has raged on the Internet, social media, and beyond.

A poll in 2018 by USA Today shows 70% of people use a top sheet.

A highly scientific poll was done at BuzzFeed, with over 100k votes, shows 51% preferred no top sheet.

So maybe the only conclusion we can draw is the reach of new media, but it seems clear that people are pretty split and often very adamant about whether to use a top sheet or no top sheet.

Why use a top sheet:

  1. Less Laundry. Most experts settle on a weekly wash of your sheets as a reasonable, recommended interval. It’s easy to toss the top sheet in the laundry. The duvet cover is less convenient except for the superhuamn.
  2. Less Duvet Cover dance. There are tricks to inserting your duvet/comforter into your duvet cover, but you have to do the awkward dance less with a top sheet.
  3. The Tuck. It’s easier to tuck a flat sheet than other bed covers. (One Bed sheets are even easier and look great tucked or untucked.)
  4. Cooling. The added layer can act as a cooling layer and can also be used separately as a blanket for those hot nights.
  5. Love the Burrito. Some people love to encase themselves in the flat sheet, like a burrito. It’s secretly another way to steal the sheets. 
  6. Layered, Multi-colored Look. Done right, a top sheet is another opportunity to add more color and layers to your bed.

Why not to use a top sheet:

  1. Less Laundry. Some argue the opposite. Since you use added layer, you will actually end up doing more loads of laundry. You have to wash that duvet cover sometime.
  2. Tangle. Who hasn’t woken up with a tangled mess of a top sheet? (But the semi-fitted One Bed Easy On Flat Sheet helps stop those annoying tangles.)
  3. Duh, Duvet Cover. That’s what a duvet cover is meant for. And once you know the tricks, it’s not as hard as everyone thinks.
  4. Cover Stealers. The flat sheet is just another opportunity for your cover thief to take your glory.
  5. Simplicity. There is a simplicity and minimalism in reducing the number of sheets on your bed. If you like a minimalist look and lifestyle, no top sheet is for you.

Our goal is not to convince you, but to make sure you an informed consumer about this important debate, which is why we sell sets with both Top Sheets and without Top Sheets. 

But consider our Easy On Flat Sheet for the best of both worlds:

  1. Looks Great Tucked or Untucked. We’re the first top sheet we think that looks great tucked and untucked.
  2. Couples Choice. The Easy On Flat Sheet is designed to be easily tucked on one side and untucked on the other, if you disagree on tucking.
  3. Make Your Bed Seconds. With fitted corners, it’s easy to line up your top sheet in the morning.
  4. Easy to Tuck. It’s also extremely easy to tuck the foot of the top sheet and/or sides of the top sheet, if you choose.
  5. Stays Tucked. There is extra length on the foot of the bed to help keep the top sheet tucked in. Or...
  6. Keep It Loose. You can use that extra length to do a loose tuck, if you are in the middle ground between the tight, confined tuck and loose, free untuck.

As with everything, it’s largely a matter of personal preference. Our mission at One Bed is to improve your tired old bed sheets, so although we can’t resolve this issue once and for all, maybe we can give you some options that meet everyone’s needs.

Please don’t yell at us or your sleep partners, even though we know it is a very serious issue.

Carry on with the debate, you crazy Internet surfers!

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