What's the difference between your Cool (Percale) and Luxe (Sateen) sheets?

Luxe Sheet Set vs Cool Sheet Set

Our Cool (Percale weave) sheets are cool & crisp, like a luxury hotel. You'll love our Cool collection if:

  1. You like crisper sheets
  2. You get warm at night
  3. You live in a warmer climate

Percale is a one-under, one-over weave, which makes the Cool collection extremely breathable. Our Cool collection is also great for summer, if you have multiple sets of sheets.

Our Cool sheets start out crisp and get softer with each wash. After several washes, you get the best of both worlds: breathable sheets like the cool side of the pillow, crisp like hotel-style sheets.

If you prefer the softest sheets possible, we recommend you go with our Luxe sheets. 

Our Luxe (Sateen weave) sheets are silky smooth, often described as soft like butter, but not slick. You'll love our Luxe collection if:

  1. You like a silky smooth feel with a slight sheen 
  2. You get cold at night
  3. You live in a cooler climate

Sateen is a one-under, three-over weave. Sateen sheets are woven more tightly but still breathable, resulting in a softer and warmer feel. Our Luxe sheets are also great for a winter set of sheets. 

Our Luxe collection is for you if you want the softest sheets possible, like a warm hug every time you get in bed.

All our sheets get softer with every wash.

No matter which option you choose, you're getting the highest quality 100% long staple cotton. We guarantee you'll love your sheets with our 100 Night Sleep Trial.

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