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Best Fitted Sheet Ever!

What a lifesaver finding this company. I have been struggling with fitted sheets staying in place for almost three years, loosing my patience every time I had to make my bed. Now my life with this fitted sheet is heavenly! Thank you! Worth every penny!

Love this fitted sheet

The corner straps on this fitted sheet are perfect. My mattress is thick so my fitted sheets have always popped off, but these sheets have solved my problem! Soft and comfortable sheet too. Love it

Cool nights sleep

We are very impressed with our purchase from One Bed. We have a split king adjustable memory foam bed. We are happy with the memory foam, but it sleeps hot. These sheets have really helped! They are cool and comfortable, and they don't slip off the corners! We really struggled with our previous sheets slipping off the corners all through the night. These are deep and they stay put.

Want a sheet that stays on - you found the one!

We went through many sheets looking for one that would say on our bed and be tight and crisp. FOUND IT!

Good News

I recently purchased a new mattress and the fitted sheets I had would not stay on the bed. I would have to make the bed two or three times a night! I researched online for a good sheet that would fit and stay in place and found OneBed. I have been 100% satisfied with the fitted sheet I ordered from OneBed. It stays in place, seems to be made of quality materials and is well-constructed. The best money I have spent in ages.

Stays on the bed and sleeps cool!

Pricey but worth it- stays on the bed, and definitely sleeps cool (I'm plus-size and am ALWAYS hot- these sheets don't contribute to that!)

Fits Perfect

Love the sheets!

Wonderful tight elastic

These sheets stay on and don’t pull away from the mattress because the gathering of the elastic is tight and wide and the extra elastic cross brace on each corner is wonderful. Also, we don’t have a really tall mattress and so the fact that they had a sheet that fits up to 14” mattresses was the dealbreaker for me even if these do cost more money. It is so hard to find sheets that fit my bed. So many Fitted sheets have this “fits up to over an18 inch mattress” category that’s ridiculous, especially when not everyone has an 18 inch mattress. I got the percale fitted sheet (that’s all I needed for now because my last fitted sheet got a hole in it ) and so far it is fine. I do like sleeping cooler so hopefully I’ll continue to like it. It isn’t as soft as my old one but that’s fine for me and they said the percale will get softer with several washes.

They are what they say they are!

Love the fitted sheet and can’t wait to order another.

Nice Sheets

Even though I haven't had them long - they do the trick and I am enjoying them.

Older person

Easy to make

Excellent purchase

Comfortable and cool but most important for me, they stay in place on my adjustable mattress! Great value and quality!

Even better than I expected!

I purchased a new bed with an adjustable head and had to say goodbye to my beloved bamboo sheets as they kept slipping off. I read other reviews of One Bed sheets and ordered a set. I LOVE them, they stay on and I will be ordering another set.

Fitted Sheet

Tighter than most other fitted sheets on our foam mattress but still a little big. Seems most fitted sheets are being made for pillow tops and nit everyone has such a thick mattress anymore.

Bottom sheet

So glad I got this sheet! It doesn’t slip off at night like the other ones do.

Best fitted sheets ever!

I bought these to go with our new split king adjustable bed & they have far exceeded my expectations. The elastic around the entire sheet is super thick & sturdy, plus the added corner strap means these suckers do not come off at all! I wish I had these for our old standard beds YEARS ago. It would have saved us from pulling the sheets back on the bed every day. I'm so glad I found these!

Cool & Lazy Sheet Set


After sheet wars while we were sleeping, we bought a Easy-on flat sheet and a Cool Stay-On sheet. (We have plenty pillowcases!). They are great. We have had them a month. The easy-on flat sheet is easy to make my half of the bed while my spouse sleeps as I work really early shifts. Not once has fitted sheet come off or curled up as my Tempur-Pedic adjustable bed has a slick surface compared to older versions. Now I use it more often setting the bed to Zero-G and reading with my kids. Sheets stay in place. No worries!

Luxe Stay On Fitted Sheet

AMAZING comfortable Sleepy everynigt

My husband told me one day I can not sleep on those sheets anymore "they keep slipping off and it wakes me up"..
We were driving out of town I looked online and thought I can afford a bottom sheet. It took a while for it to arrive (3) weeks.
But when it arrived we were in love with that sheet immediately, it stays put,
so then I ordered a top sheet and pillowcases.
When it arrived I put them on smiling the whole time because I knew my husband would be thrilled. He admitted last week while we were on vacation that we have the BEST sheets ever at home.


Haven’t put on my bed yet.

Great sheets

I am pleased with the sheets they feel wonderful

Great product

I was hesitant on buying this because of the price. But after receiving and using I am surprised by how well the sheet stays in place and feels.

Most awesome bedding ever!

Won’t ever buy sheets anywhere else!

Finally something that stays on my bed

I’ve had a memory foam bed and have tried at least 30-40 sheet sets I. Hopes they would stay on my bed. This is the first set that actually has thanks for the sewn on straps at each corner! They are a crisp cool sheet which I love because I’m always hot! I’ll be getting more for sure

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