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Finally, sheets that stay on an adjustable bed

I've been searching for sheets that stay on an adjustable bed and have tried many. These are the first sheets that do that and are comfortable at the same time. More colors please!

Staying power for adjustable beds!

These sheets don't come off even when I raise and lower the bed multiple times per night. They stayed on for an entire week without needing to be adjusted. I had multiple sets of straps on our previous sheets and they would only last 2 nights max. The Cooling sheets are incredible! I can always find a cool spot when I roll over! Worth EVERY PENNY!!!

Excellent Quality

Love! Love! My One Bed Queen size sheet set. I absolutely love the quality of the sheets. It's nice thick and soft. It was very easy to fix my bed in 1 minute. I'm ordering another one for my daughters birthday.

Sheets don't come off adjustable king size bed

My OneBed sheets have definitely solved a problem for me in that they don't come off our adjustable king size bed. My only complaint would be that I wish the sheets fit tighter. After sleeping on, I still have to pull/re-tuck fitted sheet over mattress when making bed to make the sheet smooth, even with my deep pillow top mattress. I would still purchase again.

Best Sheets EVER!

I'll be honest, I ordered these awhile ago and wasn't really thrilled about the wait for them...mainly because I really needed a top sheet that fit on our mattress. I was SOOOOO very tired of trying to figure out how to put too small of a sheet on our new mattress. I can't figure out why sheet companies feel the need to cut corners these days...makes me feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride saying to the store manager *someone at the bun company got together with someone at the hot dog company* really feel like you are being taken advantage of when you are buying a SET of sheets because the mattresses these days are mostly bigger, but wait until you have to put the top sheet on! Sigh. I have bought more sheets and donated them then I can talk about for this reason!

We finally got our sheets in the mail on Friday and I washed and dried them right away. We put them on our bed Sunday morning as that is our bed changing day and OMGOSH! How awesome they are to put on! We don't have to kill ourselves trying to figure out the length on either side and they are easy to tuck of all is the sleep quality. According to my Fitbit on Sundays, I never sleep very well. Much I always think is due to apprehension of the coming week. I sort of think now it's because we didn't have the correct sheets! These are uber soft and comfortable. Plenty of fabric to cover you up with. I admit to being a little impatient for them to come in, but I'm already thinking about a second set. I highly recommend these!

Well designed sheets

We finally bought the One Bed sheet set because our fitted sheet's elastic was ridiculously stretched and we slept on wrinkles nightly. One Bed sheets stay in place! The fitted one and the top sheet. The website functioned well and delivery was timely. Thank you!

So far so great

Bought these sheets to stay put for my husband and to be cool for me. They are the best we’ve ever purchased. Thanks.


After years of having to fight with the fitted sheet on our adjustable bed, we found One Bed. The sheet feels wonderful and stays in place. No more constantly pulling and fixing the sheet. FABULOUS!

Love this fitted sheet

I absolutely love the fitted sheet. my husband is 6’4” and manages to pull the clean sheet off the first night it gets put on the bed. So naturally I have been looking for a sheet that would stay on, when we put our oneBed fitted sheet on the first night we were excited to see if it would make it through a night of his tossing and turning. When we got up the next day we were so happy that it stayed on the entire night, and Then the entire week. It stays in place just like it says it will, and we are very pleased with the product. We have had it a month now and are already planing on buying more!

My bed is a calm place once again !

The one bed fitted sheet actually stays in place through out the night! I had been considering returning to the standard, non mechanized bed because of the untidy discomfort of fitted sheets snapping off at the corners. The quality of the sheeting material is crisp and smooth. The elastic banding is very sturdy. I'll need to purchase more of these as I say goodbye to my other fitteds as they go to goodwill.

Great sheets

I have been looking for bottom sheets that actually FIT my mattress, and these do! The fact that the top sheet also is fitted at the bottom is fabulous!

Hi Catharine, glad you are loving your new sheets and they are fitting great!

Love these sheets!

They are crisp and cool. I especially love how the sheets stay in place. I don’t have to tug the top sheet into place every morning. I do wish that the king set came with four pillowcases.

Thank you!

I'm really happy that I found a place where I can purchase a no pop off cotton fitted king size sheet for our bed! We have an adjustable tempur pedic mattress. The sheets fit beautifully. They are awesome!! Thank you One Bed!

One Bed Cool and Lazy Sheet Set

These sheets are not what I expected. They do fit well and stay on mattress. No problem with corners coming untucked. My complaint is the texture of the sheets. I expected 100% cotton sheets to be soft. These sheets feel like plastic. Very disappointed.

Hi James,

We're glad you like the fit of your new sheets on your mattress.

Your sheets will keep getting softer, so keep washing your sheets! We recommend washing them weekly; they will get softer with each wash. After several washes, they get soft with a touch of crispness like hotel style sheets. Due to the nature and weave of our Cool Percale fabric, they will always be crisper than our Luxe sheets. It's a matter of preference whether our customers prefer our Cool or Luxe sheets.

Stays On Adjustable Bed Like Advertised - Worth the Money!

I typically don’t write reviews on products but this product deserves a five star for doing what it says it will do. These are the only sheets that I found to fit on my queen adjustable bed. I’ll be buying more of them.

don't you deserve to be treated like a queen or king

Yes these are luxury sheets that really work! i studied and searched sheets to find the solution to pop up corners. we used sheet suspenders and they would pop off. we needed new sheets, i took the plunge. these sheets were even better than i expected. they live up to the info. they are worth waiting for. and the customer service i received was nothing short of the royal treatment. you will be glad you get these sheets!

Was hoping for more...

Only bought bottom sheet to try in my never ending search for a sheet that stays put! They are ok. Not the quality expected (have been washed several times & hope that they will loosen up). Do not stay on mattress as represented but have less issue than with other sets, so staying hopeful in my trial period.

Thank you for your review. Keep washing your sheets (we recommend weekly)! They will continue to get softer with each wash. By their nature, our Cool sheets with Percale weave will always be crisper though, like hotel style sheets. We recommend our Luxe sheets if you are looking for something more silky smooth. We are glad they are saying better than other sets. Please email us at with more details about your bed setup, and we'd be happy to help with anything else.

I love you can't sheets! For so long I sheets designed to del flat beds. I got tired is them popping off. thank you!❤️

Exceed my expectations

After looking for fitted sheets all over (expensive) At last found what i was looking regarding comfort and $. I already recommended to family they were having the same problem i did🌹

Hi Maria, we're so happy you've found what you've been looking for. Thank you for recommending One Bed sheets to your family!

Found, the best sheets ever!

I have searched for sheets like these!!!! I love hotel sheets, so crisp and cool feeling...well, now I have that same feeling for my own bed at home!!! These sheets are crisp and I love the feel of them!!!

Best sheets ever!

We have been looking for sheets that will stay on the bed and these take the cake! We also love the fitted flat sheet! What a great idea!

The Best Sheets Ever!!

We have tried different fitted sheets on our adjustable bed, but they never stay in place. But these sheets are pretty amazing and so comfortable. They never come off the corners! No more tug of war in the middle of the night! We first bought the fitted sheet to check it out. I just ordered a complete set.

Perfect for adjustable beds!

We had struggled for months with sheets staying on our adjustable bed. By morning the sheets had always popped off the corners. Ever since trying the Luxe stay on fitted sheet we haven't had that problem once. We even bought more. Thanks for a great product!

Nice sheets

Like the extra wide elastic. Sheets don't fit our mattresses as well as we hoped.

The Best Sheets

I have been searching for a bottom sheet that won’t come off the bed and I finally found them! They were more expensive than I would normally pay but so worth it! I also love the fact they are crisp and cool when sleeping. Will definitely be a repeat customer and recommend to friends and family.

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