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Crisp Cool and Collected

I love the cool and crisp sheets. I was actually surprised how much! Even with a topper,sheets fit perfectly. They are light, and yet they don't get tangled and makes making the bed easier. I'm happy with the sheets.

Love these sheets

Great sheets! Cool to the touch and I love that the corners stay firmly attached to the corners of my adjustable bed.

It Fits!

These are great sheets, and they fit perfectly on my 12" deep mattress. Love them!

They are very nice. Will purchase again.

Somewhat easy to put on bed.

I waited until the end of the month to try it. It was easier to put on than my old sheet. I like that it was labeled as to the ‘long’ side. Although, it was difficult to smooth out.

Luxe Stay On Fitted Sheet

One Bed sheets are very comfortable!

One Bed sheets are very comfortable! They are very easy to put on our split king adjustable bed.

Stays put

Solved our annoying slip off corner problem and the sheet is so soft!

Best purchase

I was thrown off by the price at first and through no way one sheet was worth that cost. I love this sheet. It fits the bed so well and is so soft, plus it stays cool and as a hot sleeper I really like that. Definitely would purchase again

Stay put luxury sheets

These sheets feel great and stay put! Highly recommend for the tempurpedic bed!

Exactly what I was hoping for

These have been on my bed for three nights and I’ve woken up each morning saying, “wow, I love these sheets!” The fitted sheet actually stays on and they’re incredibly light and comfy.

It stays on my mattress perfectly.

Fitted sheets

Super soft and fits my tempurpedic mattress beautifully

Perfect Sheets

Finally a luxury sheet that doesn’t come off our adjustable bed!! Luxury, comfort, and the perfect fit come together!

Luxe Pillowcases
Susannah L.
nice fabric

love the construction and the fabric great quality

Secure and More...

I have an adjustable bed and fitted sheets would pop off the corners on a regular basis. I bought these sheets for the extra straps that secure the sheet. Pure genius - they stay in place until you decide to remove them. Then, after a few washes, I discovered another reason to love these sheets. They keep getting softer and more comfortable. The only downside is some mornings I don't want to get out of bed. I guess I can live with that.

Don't think, JUST GET IT.

We loved these sheets so much that we immediately ordered another set with pillowcases after the first night! The sheets are incredibly cooling and best of all (which is what brought me here) is that they STAY PUT! My husband would always pull up our old sheets just with one toss/turn in bed. Not with these sheets. We've had some of our best night's sleeps with One Bed. We'll continue to be loyal customers moving forward.

King size fitted sheet.

Love the way it stays !!!

Solved our bedsheet problems

Wrestling with the old sheets was a pain. They didn't stay put. They weren't really sized correctly. We sleep more comfortably now.

Love them

Great high quality high thread count sheets. Crisp and comfortable. The adjustable feature makes them fit our mattress snugly even though it is not one of the newer thicker mattresses.

Love these stories sheets

I have purchased and returned many fitted sheets for a 14” mattress. Frankly, Bed One fitted sheet with the built in side garters are the best as they keep my sheet snug.

Great sheet

A whole week without a corner popping off! First time in years!!!!

OneBed fitted sheet and duvet cover and pillow covers

I’m amazed with the quality of the product. The sheet never comes off. It is deep and the strips all around do their job. The fabric quality is good if not better. Overall I will suggest this set to everybody who’s looking for a quality bed set with or without a flat sheet. I will purchase again this product, now in a different color!

Luxe Pillowcases
Harriet W.
Granddaughter loves it

Supports her back!

These sheets STAY on! Even the top sheet

I love the quality of these sheets. It is life changing to have the top sheet stay on! I think they are over priced, but I love them

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