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Embrace your luxe lazy! The Luxe & Lazy Sheet Set is the most luxurious, easiest sheet set for busy (aka lazy) people. Save up to 19% from buying separately!

** Some sizes/colors are out of stock, available for Pre-Order, and expected to ship between Sept 27 and Oct 15. Choose your size and a different color to see in-stock colors, available to ship immediately. Please chat or contact us if you need help! 

To choose the best sheets for you, please read about the difference between our Cool & Luxe sheets.

Comes with:

  • STAY ON Fitted Sheet - Guaranteed Not to Pop Off with wide 360° elastic and added corner elastic. With Long Side, Short Side labels. Fits mattresses up to 15” deep, helps stay on adjustable beds in different positions
  • Flat Sheet. Choose from the following (read about the difference):
    • Easy On Flat Sheet. Semi-Fitted Flat Sheet to make your bed in seconds. Looks Great Tucked or Untucked. 
    • Standard Flat Sheet. Choose if you prefer a regular flat sheet (no fitted corners).
    • Flat Sheet Not Included. Set will not include a Flat Sheet.
  • 2 Pillowcases with hidden envelope openings (Queen set comes with 2 Queen pillowcases, King and Cal King sets come with 2 King pillowcases)
2021 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Awards

Luxe & Lazy Sheet Set was chosen as 2021 Good Housekeeping Best Bedding Awards Winner for "Clever Time-Saver".

"One Bed’s genius design will end bed-making struggles. The fitted sheet has labels on long and short sides and elastic straps to keep it in place, and a split corner makes tucking in the flat sheet a breeze.

LAB RESULTS: Our panel loved the concept, with one saying, “Making my bed in the morning was a snap.” They also gave the cotton sateen high softness scores, and it resisted showing signs of wear in Lab pilling tests."


    Luxury bed sheets that work better, at a great price: 

    • Silky smooth Sateen weave. Please read about the difference between our Cool & Luxe sheets.
    • 100% long staple cotton fabric
    • OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful chemicals
    • 500 thread count
    • Gets softer with each wash
    • Made in Israel in factory serving luxury five-star hotels and bedding companies for over 50 years
    • 100 Night Sleep Trial

    New Design: Window Pane! Simple design to add some style to your bed! White with Graphite Gray lines. Expected to ship between September 27 and October 15, 2021.


    Easy On Flat Sheet

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews
    Sharon L.
    Best Sheets EVER!

    I'll be honest, I ordered these awhile ago and wasn't really thrilled about the wait for them...mainly because I really needed a top sheet that fit on our mattress. I was SOOOOO very tired of trying to figure out how to put too small of a sheet on our new mattress. I can't figure out why sheet companies feel the need to cut corners these days...makes me feel like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride saying to the store manager *someone at the bun company got together with someone at the hot dog company* really feel like you are being taken advantage of when you are buying a SET of sheets because the mattresses these days are mostly bigger, but wait until you have to put the top sheet on! Sigh. I have bought more sheets and donated them then I can talk about for this reason!

    We finally got our sheets in the mail on Friday and I washed and dried them right away. We put them on our bed Sunday morning as that is our bed changing day and OMGOSH! How awesome they are to put on! We don't have to kill ourselves trying to figure out the length on either side and they are easy to tuck of all is the sleep quality. According to my Fitbit on Sundays, I never sleep very well. Much I always think is due to apprehension of the coming week. I sort of think now it's because we didn't have the correct sheets! These are uber soft and comfortable. Plenty of fabric to cover you up with. I admit to being a little impatient for them to come in, but I'm already thinking about a second set. I highly recommend these!

    Wonderful sheets - I won't buy any other brand from now on

    This is my second OneBed sheet that I've ordered. I tried the Luxe & Lazy fabric this time because I already have the one that is for sleeping cooler. The Luxe fabric is really lovely and has such a nice feel in the hands. I love that it's kind of soft and buttery, and they've been great for these cooler nights we've been having. That said, I think my favorite fabric between the two is the cool and lazy fabric... we sleep on a tempurpedic mattress which tends to run warm and we also live in a warmer climate, so I just love the weave of the cooler fabric and love that it really does exactly what it says. So now I think I'm all set, I have my luxe set for the colder nights, and then I have my cool set for those warm nights. And it goes without saying, the flat sheet has won my heart, with the extra elastic and the long and short side labels. Yep, OneBed totally gets what a sheet should be. Thank you!


    Absolutely LOVE the new sheets! They solved a huge problem in our house... my husband tugging/pulling the top flat sheet of the bed every night. The quality is exceptional - very soft and comfortable

    jeanie n.
    don't you deserve to be treated like a queen or king

    Yes these are luxury sheets that really work! i studied and searched sheets to find the solution to pop up corners. we used sheet suspenders and they would pop off. we needed new sheets, i took the plunge. these sheets were even better than i expected. they live up to the info. they are worth waiting for. and the customer service i received was nothing short of the royal treatment. you will be glad you get these sheets!

    Cleo F.
    A little disappointed

    I was so excited to get these sheets (especially after the long wait). They have a very soft feel and as they said I expect them to get softer. I specifically purchased these sheets because I thought the extra wide elastic would help them stay on the bed better. I changed my mattress because it was too tall for most sheets. I did not expect the elastic to be stretched out completely and pull up from the bed. One side even seems to fit better than the other. Maybe it was not sewn the same. I had high hopes that this would work but I don’t see buying another set after this experience.

    Hi Cleo,

    We're sorry to hear about your experience with your sheets.

    All One Bed sheets are 100% long staple cotton, so while there is some stretch, there is not as much elasticity as with artificial fiber fabrics. With a 15' deep pocket, they are made to fit a variety of mattresses sizes, up to 15' thick. We have tested on mattresses with deep pockets to fit properly. However, with thicker mattresses, there may not be much excess fabric to tuck under.

    If you could please send a photo of the fitted sheet on your mattress to, along with the thickness of your mattress, we can take a closer look. We're glad you are loving the feel of your new sheets, so we can see if there is anything we can do to help you. Thank you.

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