How do you Tuck or Leave Untucked?

In our very unscientific polling, here's some different flavors of tucking and leaving your sheets untucked (and how One Bed sheets let you tuck however you want):

  1. Untucked. Arrange the flat sheet so it is hidden under your duvet or blankets, as best you can or by folding the edge of the flat sheet onto the top of your bed. With fitted corners at base, easily realign the Easy On Flat Sheet if needed and leave untucked every morning. It's the fastest way to make your bed and have a nice, tidy bed to get into each night.
  2. Tucked Flat Sheet (Loosely Tucked), Arrange Duvet Untucked. This one's common. It's a relaxed look but keeps the flat sheet hidden and gives a sense of order. With easy to tuck flaps, the Easy On Flat Sheet is the fastest flat sheet to tuck tightly or loosely, however you choose.
  3. Tucked Flat Sheet (At Foot of Bed only). This has become more popular, though it's awkward with a standard flat sheet. You can leave the foot always tucked to help keep your sheets from getting tangled at night. Or, you can untuck the flat sheet partially or completely to let your feet breathe or feel free.  Either way, the Easy On Flat Sheet can easily be tucked at the foot only and looks great.
  4. Tucked Flat Sheet with Hospital Corners. Same as previous, but with strict hospital corners. If you're in a military family or just love perfect order, you're probably here. The Easy On Flat Sheet looks great with perfect corners, made fast and easy every time.
  5. Tucked ALL Sheets and Blankets. We see this less often, with our busy lives and people opting for a more relaxed look. It does look great, often done for homes with interior designers or for hospitality, but takes more work to tuck. 
  6. Half Tucked / Half Untucked. Meant to satisfy the couple with one who likes a tight tuck and another who likes to be loose, it doesn't work so well with a standard flat sheet. Our Easy On Flat Sheet has couples flaps that can be tucked on one side and untucked on the other. No more fights about tucking.
  7. No Flat Sheet. Whether to even use a flat sheet has become a subject of debate. Without a flat sheet, you usually can't do tight tucking and requires more washes of your duvet cover. Nonetheless it is a simple solution that's become more popular. You can get our sheet sets without a Flat Sheet, but we also recommend trying our Easy On Flat Sheet for the best of both worlds.
  8. Tangled Mess of Sheets. You could leave your bed as is, since it's going to get messy again anyway. However, we advocate making your bed every morning. Try our bed sheets or going without a flat sheet, so your bed stays tidier and you can make your bed in the morning quickly.

You're often very adamant about the correct way to make your bed. At the end of the day, it's your personal preference. One Bed sheets are designed for you to make your bed easily and how you want.

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